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AMIKO 8150 HD DVB S2 sprejemnik

AMIKO 8150 HD DVB S2 sprejemnik
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Cena: 69,00€
Dobavljivost: Na zalogi
Šifra: DVB-S 8150 HD
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AMIKO HD 8150 receiver with excellent tuner, HD reception of satellite programs, Conax reader. Allows USB Recording, Playback files on USB, movies, pictures, music, ...

  • Player files (. jpg), music (. mp3) from a USB flash drive and recorder (PVR Ready) with delayed playback (TimeShift) * support for the NTFS file system
  • takojnjega possibility of recording triggered by the REC button on the remote, the Media and USB keys or access the recordings. Player-when looking at a program that can simultaneously filming the second to be played on the same MUX.
  • function "Timeshift", which is triggered by the PAUSE button on the remote control, stopped by the STOP button and return to the live program
  • very fast scans and a sensitive tuner works well even in the worse signal than some competing receivers
  • Programmed start-up from sleep (standby) and the recording timer!
  • Conax built-in card reader
  • Softwarsko upgrading receiver
  • indicator of strength and signal quality, hand-searching, LCN
  • Transparent On Screen Graphics in Slovenian language
  • Digital Tuner with Loop-thru
  • S / PDIF AC3 audio
  • User OSD menu with all functions and in the Slovenian language
  • 256 color GUI (user interface)
  • Multilingual menu
  • Variable picture format (4:3, 16:9) with Pan Vector or Letter Box
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide-scheduling) tz information on the screen
  • Teletext and subtitles in Slovenian (VBI & OSD)
  • Easy initial installation
  • Chance of favorite lists and parental lock
  • USB port for upgrade
  • Selective tuner

NEW Currently available with 16 free HD programming. Enjoy great picture.

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AMIKO 8150 HD DVB S2 sprejemnik
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